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Sam got very burnt.

July 30, 2017



Lloyd has a ‘moving a windmill’ story to tell, so everybody get on his case so he has to write the next post, ok? All I can share is that Sam got a lot of sun on his face, and Lloyd got some in his neck. Lloyd also didn’t know he has a birthmark there. […]

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Vicarious Living

July 29, 2017



We have called an Interim Director for the CDC while we go through this transition year. She’s going to do a fine job, and we are grateful for her. Since she has a permanent home elsewhere, places that call her to be interim provide a place for her to live. We found an apartment for […]

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Early Morning Blabbing

July 28, 2017


I worked pretty late, then had to go to Wal-Mart, then went to bed at 9 because I open the next few days. Nothing exciting happened, though, so none of us are missing much. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have time to write about my new director’s apartment. Brad, I am getting to live a […]

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Repeat every three minutes

July 26, 2017


1. Notice issue/need. Say child’s name Repeat twice. State request/instruction. Repeat. Repeat slower. Clarify. Repeat clarification. Answer question about clarification. Repeat request. Grit teeth. 2. Do action. Answer ‘what’ question about action with, “What does it look like I’m doing?” Acknowledge correct answer. Answer ‘why’ question with, “Why do you think I am (action)?” Acknowledge […]

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Prayers for Brad

July 25, 2017


Hey, I know our readership overlaps 100%, but please pray for Brad. He is sick and on an island. Poor guy. Prayers would be wonderful. Please get well, Brad.

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“I’m a cartoon!”

July 24, 2017

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A cartoon with mind powers. “Pet my belly” eyes and mind powers. Laying-right-in-your-path with her big eyes and squishy belly. Dang cartoon wizardry.

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