Back in the saddle

July 13, 2017


Well, I didn’t oversleep for work, that’s something!

It was a fine first day back. I went it a little early to get some things printed, then spent a long time getting hugs and saying, “Yes, I was on vacation. Yes, I missed you, too.” That last line was a lie.

I didn’t have a great plan for the day, but then I saw that dining table that Sam and Rachel donated. Hmmm….

When I went with a group from Concordia/CDC to a preschool in Boulder, Colorado, for a tour, we saw such inspiring things. One thing that I loved was how they had little tables, close to the floor, like this:


And this:


Well, instead of chopping the legs off Sam and Rachel’s table myself, I had my little elves help me out. They were great.


I love the table!


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3 Responses to “Back in the saddle”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    So clever.


  2. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Plus the leg remains can be used in combat!


  3. Brad Said on:

    I see safety goggles. Good job teaching them to properly protect themselves ?


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