The winged things.

August 6, 2017


Warning: some of them are dead.

On Friday, one of the children came up to tell me that another child was stung by a wasp. Dang it. I went over to where it happened – a little wooden kitchen area. Sure enough, there was a wasp floating around. After cordoning off the area, I got a can of spray and killed the creepy guy. Then I banged on the cabinet (carefully) and many, many, many wasps flew out. I killed eleven. After work, there were four more.

Lloyd came over with me today after church to knock down the nest, which was tricky to find. Thank goodness for iPhones with cameras.



I went back to work later and did some non-wasp-killing stuff, and when I got home I watered some flowers and saw this guy:


See him?


It was a baby robin! Short little tail and little tufts of fluff on his head and all…. so cute.

I didn’t even get the can of spray.

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3 Responses to “The winged things.”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    You ought to make an advertisement for iPhone, based on the wasp-detection system (i.e. camera).


  2. Brad Said on:

    Yuck. Wasps give me the jibblies.


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