Happy Birthday, Curt!

October 28, 2017


Saturday was a full day, and it was topped off with a delightful birthday party for Curt, hosted by a Beth and Harold. The food was delicious, the company was delightful, and we sang Happy Birthday in several silly fashions..

Thanks for turning 45, Curt!

Dang it. That picture is going to be sideways, isn’t it?

This one, too.

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Curt!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Happy Birthday, Curt!

    When I have that sideways thing happen, I have to ‘edit’ the pictures in my phone. I rotate them 90 degrees clockwise, then exit the ‘Photos’ app, then re-enter the app and rotate them 90 degrees counter-clockwise. They have to be re-uploaded to the website then.


  2. Mom Said on:

    That is some cake! Happy Birthday Curt.


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