World’s worst deck

October 29, 2017


A couple of months ago some trees were planted on the playground. On the toddler side they had to move some logs and the ‘Rock Spot’ between them. It left a hole that becomes a muddy mess when it rains or when the sprinklers go on. We have a tarp to cover it and there are re-sodding plans in the works, but I took it upon myself to just make something to cover it.

I give you… the ‘less than an hour’ deck, start to finish. Thirty minutes day one, twenty minutes day two.

I just screwed broads onto a pallet. One of these boards is upside down. I fixed it later.


Slightly rounded off, and Lloyd ‘sanded’ the splinters off with a rock.


It’s pine because it’s temporary, and it’s not a perfect circle because I do not care.


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3 Responses to “World’s worst deck”

  1. Lauren's dad Said on:

    It rocks, now that Lloyd is done with it.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Craigslist is always full of free pallets people are trying to give away. Maybe you should start a deck-making company. You’d make millions!


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