A-DOR-able! (Updated)

February 13, 2018


There were some issues loading photos yesterday, so let’s just make this one pretty and load it again.

Happy Birthday, Samith!

Stephannie invited me to a dinner and a show tonight! St. Paul’s school in Utica (a town a few miles from here) was having their Valentine’s Adventure. They really do it up right. The gym was packed with people – the place settings were lovely (with the cutest 1-ounce condiment containers that we stole afterward). The children had made Valentines for each place setting, too. It was just lovely.




The food was crazy good, too. We had ‘Windsor Loin’ – a super fancy pork chop-style cut that was incredibly tender. After the meal, the children handed out bagged brownies and ice cream cups, then put on a show.


Did I tell you about their outfits? They wore plain white t-shirts that had been painted to look like vests, with real glittery bow ties to top it off. Fall-down adorable!


The show was sweet. Songs and skits with some dad jokes thrown in during transitions. The audience groaned and laughed, just as they should. Really, the only downer was that Stephannie’s niece was sick and wasn’t there. That truly was a bummer, but other than that, it was a great date, Steph. Ha! We showed Samith and Lloyd that they aren’t the only ones who know how to have fun! 😀


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4 Responses to “A-DOR-able! (Updated)”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Is Utica where the Flying-V is? Did I ever actually go there, or did I just hear about it?


  2. Stephannie Said on:

    Thanks for joining me last night, Lauren! It was so much fun! I sent you the pics (including a lovely pic of the 1 oz containers!!!) via facebook if you wanted to add any of them to your post 🙂


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes! I saw them this morning but I couldn’t get them saved and I was already late (thanks, Valentine’s Day). I think tomorrow will be it’s own photo day. 🙂


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