Exercise Plan

April 10, 2018


The Fast Mart gas station in town has a brand-new building that was built behind the old one. They tore down the old structure so they could bury the gas tanks there. It’s quite the hubbub in Seward.

Lloyd is thrilled because they have an Icee machine. So, I predict that several times a week we will be making a ten-block (round trip) walk so he can get his fix. I’ll have to get him to take his own cup….


(They still have bags of Fast Mart popcorn.)

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4 Responses to “Exercise Plan”

  1. Brad Said on:

    The last several times I have been to a place that had an Icee machine, the Coke flavor wasn’t working. I had to get cherry (yuck) or raspberry (double yuck).


  2. Mom Said on:

    He looks happy.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    An excellent motivator to get out and get moving.


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