So beautiful

May 2, 2018


Thank you for the prayers for my parents. Mom is going to be in the hospital through Friday so she doesn’t have a setback. My dad is on his medicine and is able to sleep, so I pray they both improve greatly.

Tonight we went to the confession of faith at St. John for the confirmands. I’d never been before. We came in right after the service run-through and right before we were served cake. (Good timing.) After cake there were some announcements and then the group split up. Lloyd and I went with Deborah and Bethany (goddaughter) and thankfully Audrey (goddaughter) was in that group, but unfortunately Gracen (cousin) was in the other group. I heard he got some good laughs, though, so Lloyd and I expect a private perfomance. With cake.

It was wonderful hearing the essays they read. That’s right: essays. They don’t have to stand in front of the congregation and answer questions (while sporting a giant perm, giant plastic glasses and giant metal braces, hoping that Michael Hillman [fellow confirmand] will fall in love with you). Soooo easy. Anyway, their essays were lovely and I saw several past preschoolers!

Now, to nitpick. Every single girl who stood up in front of us was beautiful. I mean, ‘model’-type beautiful. Cute little dress, smooth/wavy locks, not a pimple in sight. What the what? If I could dig out my confirmation picture, you would see a very different story. How could my skinny little neck hold up so much metal, plastic and hair? The pained expression in the photos said it all. I put the ‘awk’ in awkward.

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4 Responses to “So beautiful”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    I agree with your nitpicking. Looking back on it I wonder if we weren’t as awkward as we thought. But we were. How do these girls do it?


  2. Brad Said on:

    Maybe girls that age are more conscious of appearance these days because of societal changes. Back in the day, there was no internet, and tv shows had not yet began making little girls look so glamorous.


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