Now let’s play “Where’s the wasp?”

May 8, 2018


Soooo…. I came home from work, threw a couple of slices of old pizza in the microwave, went to grab a cup, and there was a wasp on the window.

Wait. Cruicial detail: on the inside of the window.

What the what?? I took his picture before following him around the house. I smashed him with great skill, strength and accuracy with absolute calm. There were definitely no little whimpers.

So, now there is a strip of tape over the lock of the window with holes in the screen. Do. not. open.

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One Response to “Now let’s play “Where’s the wasp?””

  1. Brad Said on:

    *jibblie* I don’t like this game.
    Congratulations on somehow killing it instead of just burning your house down.


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