One little thing

May 13, 2018


Saturday was spent in a throw-away kind of way. I ran some errands in Lincoln, came back home for a nap, then did one thing. The row of hooks where we hang our coats has been slowly sagging for years.


I don’t remember hanging the hooks, so I don’t know if I used anchors or just drilled into the drywall or if I thought there would be plaster and lath under wallpaper. Anyway, I used a magnet that looks like a pushpin to find screws underneath so this time I could drill into studs.


Anyway, the whole process took about ten minutes, which justifies my being lazy the whole rest of the weekend.

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2 Responses to “One little thing”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    I like the sign above your work. 😉


  2. Brad Said on:

    Yes! One thing is enough things for a weekend.

    And I do have to say, that’s not too bad if that’s the amount of sag after so many years. But it’s better that it’s fixed than to have it tear out of the wall and leave a giant hole.


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