Once again, working on art displays

May 22, 2018


There is another Marxhausen show coming up, and Lloyd and I spent a bit of time deciding on how to display some of the pieces. One cross that has been welded together really needs to be hung, but there isn’t a way to do it that won’t look weird, in my humble opinion. I guess we could have a loop welded on the back, but metalwork is not my strong suit. Messing with wood is.


There was a piece of 2×4 that Marxhausen must have burned, so I thought I could chisel out a brackety-thing. Lucky for me, I have regular chisels and a set of tiny chisels from a pumpkin-carving experiment decades ago.


It went alright. It’s not perfect, but I assure myself that it’s just a holder, not the actual art.


This is it all wedged together.


I touched up my gouges with fire so the exposed raw wood wouldn’t look so obvious, plus I just really like burning stuff.

I don’t have a finished photo because I am lazy.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    The final product is really nice. It shows off the cross well.


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