June 16, 2018


Happy Father’s Day to our Dads! 🙂

Lloyd had a Republican thing in Nebraska City this weekend. He asked a long time ago if I wanted to come along. I wasn’t too jazzed until he said we could rent a cabin. Yay!

The campground is called Hidden Falls, and for any of you weenies that dislike camping, just do this. We had a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, a sofa, a porch, and the ability to make fire. Of course, it was a billion degrees Friday night, so I had Council Fire Saturday morning. The view one way was a beautiful field with trees. The view the other way was the parking lot-style campground that I am judge-y about.

Still a good fire, though.


The cabin checked off all my tiny house needs and wants. Saturday morning I dropped Lloyd off at his conference and then went back to spend the rest of the morning imagining that I lived there. Here’s the layout:


That’s right. I drew it. It was about 21’x 21′, if my foot math is correct.






It was like staying in a self-standing hotel suite. Very, very fun, but pricey. I think instead of staying there again, I will just start building my own. 🙂

Oh, there is actually a little Hidden Falls on the other side of the field:


There are also Hidden Chiggers.

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  1. Brady Gurganious Said on:

    Only slightly offended that you refer to people like me as weenies, but otherwise I enjoyed this post.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I’m sorry, Brady. I was a little punchy from the giddiness of livin’ tiny. You know I love you guys! <3


  2. Brad Said on:

    I was just telling someone here in Hawaii about chiggers. They were horrified.


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