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July 22, 2018


Our lunches are made over at the school, even in the summer. Our cook drives one of the school vans over to the cafeteria, loads up the van, the drives it over. In the past, I have dreamed about buying a vehicle and tricking it out so it’s able to fit everything just right. However, I am coming upon a pretty hard ‘Who’s Kidding Who’ portion of my life and figured it would be more productive to do some thing now with what we have.


Sam’s Club had a cart that was going to work just right. It’s one of those assemble-yourselves chrome things, and since it’s a cart, each shelf has an edge. Perfect. I just needed to trim the back legs.


Unfortunately, due to operator error, I cut one wrong and had to re-do it. My final cut was crooked, dang it. (I would have used a pipe cutter but the legs are too big around.)

To make it fit correctly on the uneven floor of the back of the van, it had to be assembled crooked.

There we go.

I’ve been working on a spot for the milk crates (two need to be able to stack on the left side) and also put some rugs on the shelves so the pans won’t slide around. Tomorrow will be the test run and I will either make adjustments or scrap the whole thing. We’ll see. 🙂

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