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August 12, 2018


I have tried to remember to take photos over the last few days, but just of some of the more fun projects. I would save these and only work on them for a while after I did some crud jobs, like paperwork. So, from Thursday evening to today, here are some things:

One of our new teachers is fresh out of college and has no stuff of her own. The classroom is also used for school-age care. She needed a science area.

Some brackets and sticks, and it’s ready to hang cool nature stuff! I refrained from doing that, because it’s not my room.

Lloyd hung up the t.v. in that room on Saturday. He’s a good egg.

The area under the t.v. is going to be a reading area. I saw a picture on the interwebs and copied it somewhat.

Not a fun job, but a necessary job. My teacher chair has been falling apart for a long time.

I have the funds to get a new one, but the style I like is just very cheaply made. I think I’ll have to look at nicer stores for a sturdy one. Until then, a table runner makes a good band-aid.

That new preschool room needed hooks. The school-age hooks are too high.

Now it’s hooked up good.

The bird fabric in the reading area was actually going to be liquid-starched to the wall by my painting easel, but it is in a better spot where it is. My easel looked so sad, though, so….

I grabbed a pile of the beadboard that I’ve been yapping about for two years and just slapped it up. I love it!

Speaking of painting, the banner picture shows some ‘tickets’ that I’m making. I love having children paint, but I leave the paintings on the drying rack forever and am terrible about getting them home. The ‘tickets’ read, “I painted today! Please come and get the painting from the drying rack in the bathroom and return this to its hanger on the easel, otherwise that painting is going to live on that drying rack for months. Thank you!”


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  1. Rachel S. Said on:

    Well Done!!!


  2. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I hope you have a good class this year!


  3. Mom Said on:

    My you are busy!


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Now those are the things that make it fun to “get ready” for school.


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