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Halloween, come and gone

October 31, 2018


I left my iPad at school since I left in a big ol’ hurry to get home. It was a respectable crowd this year. Not too many, but enough. When we got home, Lloyd had painstakingly raked many, many leaves onto our sidewalk (for maximum crunching) and mean ol’ Mrs. Sommerer chewed him out for […]

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Nothing is new.

October 30, 2018


Ugh. I thought I was being so clever this weekend. I bought some cherry jam to eat with Ding Dongs ala’ Black forest cake. I even went so far as to take a ‘before’ set-up photo, but something seemed very familiar….. Yep. I’ve done this before. In 2015. Good grief. Senility is going to be […]

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Almost time for new shampoo!

October 29, 2018



I know that I have weird hygiene habits. It’s part of the ‘You’re using too much soap’ tirade, but here’s the latest installment. I like the idea of shampoo bars very much. In fact, I made a post about them in 2009. When I went to Kansas City with Rachel and Anna in early August, […]

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Sunday Report

October 28, 2018



Lloyd and I had to set up for late church, so it was a lazy morning. I made eggs, and I have meant to show the inside of this carton for a while. Nice, huh? Good job, egg people. Church was good, clean up was fine. We went home where Lloyd read and I did […]

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Poor little toaster

October 27, 2018

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My poor little toaster has a flat tire. Several people notice that it was low, but it was really, really low. I put some air in it, bu the next morning it was flat. Rats. I got the jack from the Prius, but it turned out that the lug nut wrench was the wrong size. […]

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Those $#!+ paper towel dispensers!

October 25, 2018



Fourth one down. I didn’t even try to put it back up nicely. Grrrrrr……

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