Wasp story – no photo

October 5, 2018


For some reason the wasps are out on full force here. On Wednesday I had one crawling on my I.D. Badge and couldn’t shoo it away. The children all screamed while I took my lanyard off (calmly) and hung it on a little tree. In a few moments the wasp flew away.

An hour later I noticed my pointy was swollen. That little bugger stung me – or maybe one of his buddies, I don’t know. It didn’t hurt at the time but today my pinky is quite bruised. Huh.

I took a photo but vanity prevents me from showing the old hands that have appeared at the ends of my arms.

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One Response to “Wasp story – no photo”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I don’t seem to notice what my hands look like until I take a picture of them. Then I’m surprised at how age has changed them.

    Also, I don’t like wasps. I would have been screaming right along with your kids.


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