Well, this outta be fun.

October 7, 2018


Lloyd and I went to a surplus auction today. As we walked in, the little vehicle that has been there every single time with a ‘Not for Sale’ sign on it was front and center, waiting for me to buy it.

I left the auction after telling Lloyd my maximum bid, $3,000. It would be $3,000 funny.

I called later to say that no. $2,000 is my real limit. Maybe a thousand. I don’t know. He sighed and said goodbye.

An hour later I got a text that said, “I have good news and bad news….”

He bought it! I have dreamed about a small vehicle that could be used to transport the lunches from St. John school to the CDC. (Remember how I tricked out the van?) I don’t know if this is even going to be possible, but if not, I’ll just play with it for a while then resell it.

We drove back to Seward to get Harold’s truck and trailer. God bless Harold. We drove back to find that the car is 6 inches longer than the trailer. Dang it! Luckily, Joe was there. God bless Joe. He is a fellow auction guy who is also a trucker and knows all about strapping things down. He only used three of our straps and that thing wasn’t going anywhere. (Although, I did watch it in the rear-view mirror as we drove, since that was also vital to our success.)

We brought it home and Tom Sawyered the Pester kids (and Harold) into helping us clean it in exchange for joyous test drives. It is going to be a crazy fun project that I really don’t have time for right now.

Oh, well!

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9 Responses to “Well, this outta be fun.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! It looks amazing! So fancy! You could use that for your commute! Does it have a heater?


    • Lauren Said on:

      There is a heater, but I don’t know how much it will drain the battery. There are two manuals to read that make my head swim. It’s all electric so there are maintenance things to do -- check the battery levels, clean the terminals -- and we all know how great I am at maintaining things.

      Lloyd is looking into finding out if it needs to be licensed and/or insured and how to go about doing those things. God bless Lloyd.


  2. Deborah Said on:

    That is awesome! It’s not a golf cart. It’s not a 4-wheeler. What do you call it? What was its previous purpose?


    • Lauren Said on:

      It was owned by the people at the surplus place, so it’s in pretty good shape. Lloyd’s been looking into getting insurance for it, and ‘golf cart’ is kind of its category?


  3. Gretchen Said on:

    That is fantastic! I am thinking it could be part of Seward parades too.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    The real question: Can you camp in it?


  5. Lauren Said on:

    No new post today. Remember that stuff that I’m doing that makes me have no time for that adorable car? I’ve been doing some of it. Catch you all tomorrow.


  6. Curt Nierman Said on:

    This is awesome!


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