Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables: Prep Time 26 hours

January 7, 2019


I did it! Lloyd bought some soy sauce and I made the meal. It all went together quickly, thanks to my totally-planned prep work yesterday. At Shogun, the chef has a giant bowl with a giant mountain of butter he cuts off a hunk and puts it under everything he cooks, as do I. It is our way.

After juggling the eggs and catching them with my hat, I cracked them open, scrambled and diced ’em.

The one recipe that I did consult said to not undercook the vegetables. “Watch the carrots,” it said. “When the carrots are done, it’s done.” They were not wrong. The vegetables cooked while I messed up the rice, and then it was time for the chicken.

(Lloyd took that photo. I was busy flinging chicken at his face.)

When it was done, I did not plate it in a beautiful way. I dumped it in a bowl and proclaimed it ‘casserole’.

*solemn bow*

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Mmm… It looks good. Did you make an onion slide across the pan like a choo-choo train?


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