Saturday Recap

January 27, 2019


On Saturday I worked on some stuff in the morning, then went to Lincoln to run some errands. It’s time for a new doorknob for the back door since it keeps falling off and the trick of ‘jamming it back on and turning’ is not working anymore. Maybe that is today’s project.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a piece of furniture for the copy room at school. We have an area that is kind of our communication station, but it’s cobbled together Lauren-style and I don’t like it. I want a beautiful console that is the exact dimensions (my shoulder to my far fingertip), has the right look and also costs five dollars. I was not successful in my quest.

I stopped at a few other stores but was stressed out about how crowded they were. Aldi was a madhouse! I abandoned my cart at the front of the store and just walked around.

The other reason for the Lincoln trip was to meet up with Deborah to visit Professor Martens. He had a fall at his house and broke five ribs. He is recovering nicely but will be in the hospital until Monday, then will move to a rehab facility. If you’d keep him in your prayers, that would be great.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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