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February 6, 2019


So, enough stuff happened on Saturday that I can look like life is more interesting than it really is. One of Lloyd’s auction buddies owns a thrift store and we stopped there on the way home. We felt obligated to buy something, so I bought…. a GT Exprxess 101!

I used it that night to make tater tots.

It was not as magically quick as the commercial would lead you to believe, but they were still good.

Also, earlier in the day I had to swing by my eye doctor for some drops. Afterward, I drove around the building. I was in Sam’s van, which he loaned us for hauling auction stuff. This is a critical detail for the humiliation to follow. I was in the back parking lot and drove through a nifty little archway exit:

As I exited onto….the sidewalk….and realized that there was a curb ahead…and parking spaces…. it dawned on me that I had used a pedestrian archway. No problem. I just backed up slowly IN THE GIANT VAN back to the parking lot.

Oh, the humiliation…..

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Thanks for sharing your humiliation. It made me laugh 🙂

    Maybe you could have just told someone you were there for a delivery and the store said you should drive up on the sidewalk…


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