All before 7 a.m.

March 5, 2019


It was quite the interesting start to the day. Several times I woke up in the night thinking it was Wednesday, so I was very confused when I got up and realized it was Tuesday.

I was a bit late to work. No biggie. Humidifiers going, then off to make coffee. I couldn’t find the coffee…because I had just put it by the coffeepot. No biggie. I got it going and went to my classroom, and the pot beeped ‘done’. Dang it! I forgot to pour the water from the carafe IN the machine. No biggie.

I loaded up a cart full of stuff to take to the basement, squeezed into the elevator and bumped the emergency button with my bum. It got loud: “WE HAVE AN ELEVATOR EMERGENCY AT ST. JOHN CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER AT 1053 NORTH COLUMBIA,” blasted the automated voice over and over. Finally, a nice female voice said, “Hello? What’s the emergency?” “Sorry,” I replied, “I hit the button accidentally with….. a cart.” No biggie. Well, maybe a biggie.

Back upstairs, one of the toddler teachers arrived and said, “Um, our room doesn’t have heat. It’s 59 degrees.” Good grief! I have one small space heater, but I left my keys at home so I couldn’t get another one. Dang it!

…. and the the day started.

Later in the day, another furnace went wacko. The pop I brought for dinner exploded in my backpack and soaked everything. I spent fifteen minutes in the afternoon with a school-age child who was using some exceptionally poor manners.

But, after all crisis situations were dealt with, our new freezer arrived! Thanks to my generous parents, we were able to buy a new frost-free freezer to replace the one that Lloyd, Sam and Gracen brought over, which died shortly thereafter. Mom and Dad, it is HUGE! I’ll post about it tomorrow Thank you so much! It is a biggie!

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3 Responses to “All before 7 a.m.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Sheesh! I think I would have just gone home and called it a day after the first couple things happened.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    And yet, through all of that, you persevered.

    When do you get a day off? You deserve a week of them.


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