Mr. Hofman visits preschool

March 27, 2019


My brother Mark was in town for some meetings at Concordia and the Nebraska District office, and he stopped by to see the big ol’ building that has been consuming my life for the past few years. It was absolutely delightful to see him, and my class was the only one still awake (it was right before naptime), so he got to stop in and meet them. They had some questions about his cell phone and ‘that line’ on his shirt. (It was his necktie.) One boy wanted to know why he was so fancy. Hear that, Mark? You’re fancy! 🙂

The funniest thing to me was when I talked to them ahead of time about his visit. I said I’d be out of the room to visit with my brother for a while and someone asked, “….is he a mean guy?” It occurred to me that the only time I talk about my siblings is after someone has told a story about their siblings being mean to them. I always commiserate and say, “That’s how it is with brothers and sisters. They don’t always get along. My brothers and sister were mean to me sometimes, too.” Erm…. apparently they think I grew up in a mafia family.

It was a short and sweet visit, and we’re both just sad he didn’t have time to stop at the house and see Ralph! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Mr. Hofman visits preschool”

  1. Brad Said on:

    They didn’t know what a necktie was?

    Hi, Mark!


    • Mark Said on:

      Hi, Brad!

      It was fun to meet these little disciples of Jesus, and to receive a personal tour of the SJCDC. Best part was getting a hug from my sister, who isn’t mean at all.


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