A magical place

April 3, 2019


On Saturday, Lloyd took me to the Imagination Studio at UNL. Wait. Innovation Studio. I knew that place was real…….

It’s a Maker Space-type deal, and it was wonderful. You pay a monthly fee and you can use all their stuff! They have all the power tools one could wish for, laser cutters, pottery wheels and kilns, lathes, looms, 3-D printers – the works! You have to have a training on how to use all the things, but then you can sign up for a time and use it whenever. The best part is that they have the materials there, too. You just pay for what you use.

Here are photos of some of the awesomeness. Our tour guide, Dave, was properly enthusiastic.

It looks like they want you to put stuff back when you’re done, so this is right out for me.

This is Dave, and this nice lady was making ceramic art.

I liked the design of these computer tables, but I didn’t like that everything was stapled together.

This is a 14-foot sewing machine for quilts!

This guy was turning a rolling pin on a lathe. I’m pretty sure I’d be terrible at a lathe,

but I want to try.

This is some of the lumber they had on hand. Right there, this makes it a win.

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3 Responses to “A magical place”

  1. Brady Said on:

    I like it . . . a lot!


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    This is so cool! I wonder if other cities have something similar. Are you going to join? What are you going to make? I actually looked at this post 3 times because I thought it was amazing.


  3. Brad Said on:

    I saw an ad on Craigslist where someone was trying to get a workspace started here on Maui. I wonder if it will be as cool.

    A pottery wheel? A wood lathe? I fantasize about using those some day!


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