Sleepy, pricey weekend

April 7, 2019


Happy Birthday, Tara!

On Friday, you’ll remember that I had pink eye. I took advantage of a parent who works at our urgent care facility and asked her what I should do, since I couldn’t get there during the day. She very kindly wrote a prescription and my boss picked it up.

I had parent-teacher conferences after work. I was tired, but when I called Lloyd, he didn’t answer his phone. I figured he was sleeping. Imagine my irritation when I got home and he was up. His phone was on ‘silent’ from chapel earilier. Grrrr….

We ate dinner, the promptly fell asleep in the living room. His phone ‘ding’ed (sure, now it made noise) and I stumbled over to check it. “It’s from Sam.” Lloyd asked incredulously, “At midnight?” I laughed, “It’s 9:30.”

In the morning, after nearly eleven hours of sleep, the day began. Lloyd went to Omaha with Sam and Rachel to look at cars. I went to Lincoln to get stuff for the Potato Bake this week and then home to clean and get some work done.

Lloyd was supposed to chaperone the after-prom party, so we hemmed and hawed about getting a hotel room so we could nap until 10:30, then go over for three hours, then go right back to sleep. We got a deal on a cheap room at a Days Inn. Before we went there, we took the tires to WalMart to get them re-seated so they can go back on the toaster.

We settled in to nap to Karate Kid in the hotel roomwhen Lloyd checked his messages. “Lloyd, we didn’t think you were going to help, so we have enough people. After-prom is covered!”


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  1. Brad Said on:

    But you stayed in a hotel? I love hotels! It’s been so long since I stayed at one.


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