Testing, testing

June 17, 2019


Mrs. Royuk broke her foot last week, and Beth made up some homemade ice packs with water and rubbing alcohol. I’d heard of them before but had never tinkered with them. Nice work, Beth!

At work, we lose ice packs like there’s no tomorrow. I know there are places that just freeze sponges and call it good, but that turns it into a hard, frozen brick.

But….. what about putting rubbing alcohol on a sponge? I did a test run and sure enough, they were nice and squishy. Time to haul up the ol’ food squishier!


Action shot

I made four. I hope they don’t get lost. Or stolen. Or that some kid bites through one and gets a mouthful of rubbing alcohol. Well, maybe that would teach a lesson…..

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  1. Brad Said on:

    One of my previous schools folded wet paper towels and froze them in a sandwich bag. They were a little more flexible than frozen-water sponges. They were definitely cheaper.


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