Baseball for everyone!

June 23, 2019


For some reason, my other post didn’t work. It was pretty much a copy of Brad’s ‘driving to the lake for dinner’ post, only without the cool pictures.

I had a very nice weekend. Dinner on Friday, a trip to Lincoln on Saturday and then an evening at Mark’s cool house (again, see Brad’s posts), and a fine, fine Sunday. Lloyd got up at 3 to go to a conference in Philadelphia, so he is out of the picture for a couple of days. Poor guy. He had to go to a Phillies game on Sunday. I asked him for proof.

Back on the home front, Brad and I went to church, then for coffee with the Pesters and Other Sommerer, then home for a good long nap. The evening was spent at our own minor league team’s game, the Saltdogs, to celebrate Samith and Stephannie’s 25th anniversary. They had a private box suite, loads of food, and wonderful company. I only took one photo with my terrible phone, so you’ll have to trust me that we really went.

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2 Responses to “Baseball for everyone!”

  1. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I don’t go anywhere, but I did watch the super-impressive Cardinals-LA Angels game. Albert Puhols returned to Busch Stadium for the first time in eight years and they gave him quite the standing ovation. Then he made a home run. First time I have seen the opposing team cheer like crazy for an Angels player. St. Louis was sure glad to see him!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ha! It’s funny that we were at baseball games at the same time. Lloyd’s might have been bigger, but ours was a close game. Plus, we had Homer the saltdog visit us in our suite! He stood right next to me!


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