A small start

July 16, 2019


We have a closet off of the playground that I call the ‘shed’. It has been a catch-all of stuff since we’ve moved in. I made a stab at organizing it a couple of years ago, but things just keep piling up. It’s either to cold to work on it or too hot or I’ve got something else going on, but I’m giving it a little start….. right before we have a three-day heat advisory.

Here is one of the pictures that I sent to staff, along with a ‘claim what you want or I’m burning it all’ letter:

It freaks me out to open that door. You know it’s bad when it’s too junky for me.

Today I just took an hour and swept, shuffled, swept, shuffled and tried to get things off the floor. Then I hung up a tool holder that I bought two years ago. Before:

Nice board, eh? It’s From my basement.

Then I hung up some of the tools. We might have too many tools. Lots of them are covered in duct tape from the groundbreaking ceremony. Someone should take off the tape.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    It looks like a good start! It reminds me of how the refrigerator would get in the teacher’s room in some of my past schools. So many bottles of mustard…


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