Porch ‘camping’

July 21, 2019


Things have been a little rough emotionally at work lately. (A few kids are wearing on my soul.) On Friday I found myself muttering things that normally stay in my head, and I’m a bit worried I’ll start saying them Out Loud and then that will be Lauren’s Last Day.

I told myself that to soothe my soul, I would Fake Camp on Saturday morning. I’d make Lloyd get up before dawn and we’d go to the lake for fire and coffee.

Foolish Lauren. I forgot that Friday night/Saturday morning’s low would be nearly 80 degrees, with high temperatures to follow. Scratch that. We’d do it Sunday morning, when the cold front cooled everything down. (We wouldn’t skip church, though, since our new pastor’s installation was scheduled for Sunday afternoon.)

Saturday night, I put the essentials in the entryway, just in case we actually went.

At 5:45, my alarm went off. I checked the weather.

Uh, no. I rolled back over and slept until nearly 8.

No sense wasting all that hard work. I opened the entryway windows, lit one of those crackling candles, and made myself some coffee, dang it.

Close-up of the set up.

Once he got up, Lloyd joined me for a bit. (I had a bag of donuts and bacon, so he’s no fool.) It was nice to listen to the rain.

After he had his fill of donuts, he left to watch more episodes of The Office. I was joined by some other campers.

Ralph didn’t much care for the donuts.

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2 Responses to “Porch ‘camping’”

  1. Brad Said on:

    It looks pleasant. I keep telling myself I need to spend more time on my lanai. It’s been kind of hot here too though.


  2. Kris Said on:

    “and then that will be Lauren’s Last Day”…LOL. I hear you. I occasionally have to take a Sunday off from church…so I don’t say the things out loud…and then that will be Jason’s Last Day.


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