Tiny treasures

August 25, 2019


It was so good to see Kathryn. She is one of the best people I know, and it was a shot in the arm to spend time with her. Her daughter is going to have a great year.

Kathryn and Renata went out for lunch after church and Deborah came over for a bit to visit. We got to talking about childhood toys, and I was just sure that I had a Merlin game in the basement. I didn’t, but went down a rabbit hole with all the other stuff in there. There are papers and such from elementary, high school and college, but best of all, I found some of my miniatures!

I have always been fascinated by tiny things. I think it comes from reading The Borrowers – a book about some tiny people living in a house and using regular items to suit their needs, like drinking from a thimble. Anyway, I have most of a set of a fancy dinner set. The silverware was lost long ago, as were other pieces.

I also have some appliances and furniture: a clock, an eggbeater, a desk and a meat grinder. It is annoying to me that the scale is so off for all of these things.

I think I might be ready to get rid of them now. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Tiny treasures”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Are they worth money? Maybe you could sell them on Ebay or something. Or maybe there are tiny people living in your house that you could give them to.


  2. Debbie Said on:

    Aaaaahhhhhh, i love tiny miniature things! You can get rid of them to me! But you should keep! Make a little scene somewhere in your house or in a plant or outside before letting go of them. Soooooo cute! When i saw the first pic before reading, my mouth dropped open for the rest of your post!


  3. Brady Gurganious Said on:

    I read the Borrowers to my girls this summer. Such a fun story. Those miniatures are fun. I agree with Debbie, you should create ‘hide’ them on display in the house. Or give them away . . .


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