Unintentionally poetic

September 9, 2019


We had our Grandparents’ Tea Monday night. It went very well, especially considering that I kind of forgot about it until nearly the last minute. It all worked out fine and the grandparents were wonderful, but I am pretty tired. Let me tell you about a boy at breakfast.

I don’t know what is with this group of children, but our communication is not great. Some of them have speech issues, and some of them have hearing issues, and nearly all of them have “I’m four” issues. Anyway, I find myself asking them to repeat themselves often, and even then, there are a couple of kids that I just don’t understand. (Conferences will be interesting.)

Anyway, this boy was trying to tell me something about the cereal he was eating, and how it went in his mouth, by his teeth, and then down to his heart water.

I did not ask him to explain at all, because I think ‘heart water’ is a beautiful phrase.

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3 Responses to “Unintentionally poetic”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Awww… that’s sweet. And I have no idea what he might’ve meant.


  2. Samith Said on:

    Somebody get a diagram of how the body works. I thought heart water doesn’t mix with the food.


  3. Debbie Said on:

    How lucky for you to be so entertained each day! Little kids are so funny. I’m sure you could write “books”!


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