A good weekend

November 24, 2019


Saturday was delightfully lazy. It was relaxed and not at all busy. Sunday was surprisingly busy. After church, I made myself clean the house a little bit (not enough), Beth and Tara came over to borrow a tie for Tara’s winter formal (winter formal!), then Sam and I went to Lincoln for Brick Days. It’s a LEGO extravaganza that is just spectacular. I didn’t have a camera, but that was for the best. I am constantly surprised at people’s imagination and what they can do with tiny pieces of plastic. There were so many cool exhibitions.it was great.

We stopped at a couple of stores (go, Whole Foods and Aldi!), then headed home. Once I got back to Seward, I had a quick, great talk with Brad and then was off to a soup supper fundraiser. Quite the social day for homebody me.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Rachel Said on:

    Thanks for being Sam’s cousin-wife for the afternoon! It allowed me to get lots done at home.


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