Wally and the cups

January 15, 2020


So, I believe that we’ve talked about Wally being a knucklehead, yes? He has several weird habits, but the noisiest of them is how he likes to play cups. No medicine dosing cup or small Tupperware cup is safe from his soccer skills. He bats it round and round the hardwood floor, occasionally picking it up with his mouth to carry it to a new playing field.

Cut to Brad: he uses a cool mineral-stick deodorant. The user wets the stick, uses it, then needs to let it dry. A few days into his trip, Brad mentioned that the lid to his deodorant was missing. I sighed and said I knew what probably happened to it.

I looked all around the house to no avail. When it was time for Brad to leave, he just stuck his deodorant in a baggie. No big deal.

The morning that Emme was missing, Lloyd searched every inch of the basement. At one point he said, “I didn’t find Emme, but I found Wally’s stash of cups.” Here’s what he saw:

Poor Wally. All those cups out of paws’ reach! I retrieved them all, including the beautifully faceted one that should be covering Brad’s deodorant.

It’s his favorite.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Awww… I’m glad the cap turned up, and that it made Wally’s cup collection.


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