January 22, 2020


I forgot to post yesterday! We are having some weather situations and it’s the same old same old where there isn’t a clear-cut decision to make until the eleventh hour, so there is a lot of website-watching in the evenings. (As it turns out, local schools had a late start that turned into a no-school day. Super fun on our end. Tonight looks much the same. Oh, for a crystal ball….)

Anyway, let’s talk about non-weather related things, such as my new label maker. When we moved into the CDC three years ago, the first cook arranged the kitchen in what seemed like a fairly logical way. I made some paper labels and ‘laminated’ them on with scotch tape.

Zoom ahead three years, and our new cook has re-organized the kitchen into a much more logical arrangement, and I keep telling her I’d help with the labels. The hangup was that the old ones needed to come off, and I don’t need to tell you what a pain in the arse that it. Once scotch tape is on something for longer than a day, it is on there for life. Fortunately, on our last snow day I had some of the school-age children scratch at the labels with their tiny, inefficient thumbnails. It made the job a bit easier.

Then, I bit the bullet and ordered a label maker. After making 20 labels I realized that the ink will probably scratch off of these and that maybe I should ‘laminate’ them to the cabinet doors with…… scotch tape.

Dang it. Can’t win.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Do they still make the label-makers that press letters into plastic strips? Those were really cool, but you had to squeeze so hard to press the letter in.


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