A long long day

January 27, 2020


Happy National Lutheran Schools Week! Today was Pajama Day, which was awesome. I do so love schlepping around in slippers and Lloyd’s robe while drinking coffee. It’s very Arthur Dent of me.

The day went pretty well, but some of our staff had to attend a 4-hour training that started at 5:30 and went until (let me do the math……) 9:30. I went to fetch a pizza for the three of us who would not be able to eat otherwise, then powered through the training.

It’s called Safe With You and is required every five years. It is all about recognizing signs of child abuse and how you are never supposed to shake a baby. It’s a real downer. A tiring, tiring downer.

I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow. Be nice to kids.

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