Dead mouse. Second job.

February 25, 2020


I do miss the days when I had a tiny camera on my persons at all times. I recognize that a smart phone would have said camera, but I’m sticking to my guns.

If I had that camera, I could have shown you the little dead mouse in the parking lot on my way out of work on Monday. I was sad, yet creeped out. I went in to get a snow shovel, but I couldn’t scrape him in there. I thought about using my foot to boot him in, but was too freaked out. I grabbed a handful of dead leaves and pushed him in. He’s in the grass to the west, if you want to stop by and pay your respects.

Tuesday morning, I arrived at my usual time and was ready to prep for the day, but due to some weird circumstances, one of the classrooms didn’t get cleaned the night before. (A boy had thrown up, and the ‘do not enter’ sign that was put up for the parents was read by the janitors.) Whoops. I have never swept and mopped so fast in my life. I think I could be an Olympic custodian!

In other news, I am spending the end of my days going through all the junk in the basement, making a stab at organizing. Today I pulled all the Transportation stuff out and left a note for staff to look it over and get rid of some of it. Tomorrow……. blocks!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Come clean my house next! 😉


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