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Get that dang ISS out of the dining room.

January 26, 2017

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I got an app (SkyView Free) to play with with the kids. I haven’t used it at school yet, what with moons on my cats, and that darn Hubble telescope on my sofa. I think I might get distracted at school…..

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Large Olives

January 24, 2017



I’ve wanted to do this experiment for a long time. When Lauren told me that I had to write the post, I knew that my time had come. Extra large olives cost more than medium olives (I don’t actually remember what they cost. Just go with me here). But if all you’re doing is slicing […]

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Fortnight update

December 11, 2016



Okay. So far, Taco Fortnight has been a rousing success. ¬†Lauren might not agree with that. I don’t know. But she’s been a good sport about it anyway. I’ll say this for it, it’s pretty easy to get tacos ready to eat. ¬†We’ve been branching out a little bit lately, and it might be more […]

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More head shots

November 21, 2016



My 8th graders really liked the Mona Lisa in the classroom. Well, actually they didn’t like it at first. They thought it was creepy. But eventually they came around and said that I should do the same thing in other classrooms. They got into it while I was cutting out heads during math class and […]

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A little bit of Mona

November 10, 2016



Our previous previous art teacher at Lincoln Lutheran, Donna Willet, always had a little cut out of the Mona Lisa peeking over one of the bulletin boards in the art room. Donna’s retired from teaching about four years ago and the cut out came down. I got tired of not seeing it and finally got […]

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Tea for two (erm, one)

October 10, 2016



Lauren said, and I quote, ” You have to write the post tomorrow. No tag backs.” Late last week, one of our sixth grade teachers –sixth graders are our youngest students– was anxiously hanging out by that new fangled coffee maker that you put one tiny cup of coffee in, and out comes a full […]

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