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Bread (part 1)

April 3, 2017



I shouldn’t be writing this yet, but Lauren is in bed. Walmart has stopped carrying the bread that I like. It was one of those breads where you could actually see the seeds. Not just sprinkled on top, but in the bread itself. I can’t remember the name of the bread. I never needed to. […]

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Singing Saints Home Concert

March 21, 2017


singing saints

I do’t know what Lauren was doing last weekend, but I was back in Concordia Missouri on Sunday and I got to hear the Singing Saint’s home concert. It was just great. After the first song, which was my favorite, I got out my phone and recorded a few of the pieces. Sorry about the […]

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They were entirely reasonable

March 15, 2017



A few months ago, after Time Warner Cable (through some arcane rite) became Spectrum, I noticed the amount on my credit card statement was $74.99. That number didn’t seem right, so I looked at the paper bill. I don’t know why they send a paper bill, but it has come in handy. The month before […]

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A change for the something

March 6, 2017

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We went to subway yesterday and while Lauren was branching out and trying new things, I had one of the two sandwiches I get every time we go to Subway. 12 inch Spicy Italian on wheat with pepper jack cheese, lettuce & onions, black olives & banana peppers, salt & pepper & vinegar, maybe a […]

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Forge of Empires

February 28, 2017



You’re going to have to blame Lauren for this one. She told me when I got home from parent-teacher conferences that I had to write the post. In her defense, I only had 3 parents show up. So that went well. But I know why you really come here. You’re looking for something to waste […]

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A party for Christian Utpatel

February 21, 2017



We met Christian in 1990. He drove the bus for us on choir tour in Germany. After that he helped put together some of the next few Germany tours. He was in the States on a business trip and spent the day with Dad Martens. Dad threw a party for him and a few of […]

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