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In ___ hours, this will be over.

November 15, 2018

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At 4:45, I will walk to work. At 5:00, I will be at our cook’s disposal, keeping her sane while we begin this day. At 6:30, parents will arrive to eat. The rooms, kitchen and commons will be bright and ready to go. From 6:30 – 8:15, we will serve children and parents, take photos, […]

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Good night

November 14, 2018


Long day. Not too bad. But coworker made me mad. Parent-teacher conference done. (Don’t go crazy – had just one.) Then a meeting with committee. Report all done, nice and pretty. Back to kitchen to bake bread. (It’s for Friday.) Now in bed. ‘Night.

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November 13, 2018

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My class is pen pals with the 4th grade class at St. John School. We have written letters back and forth and they have come over to visit us. They are a very nice class. Yesterday we were writing back to them. I sat with one of my boys and read a very chatty letter […]

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That boy is messed up.

November 12, 2018



Lloyd is a mess. He had a cold last week that made him rather zombie-like, then he had to go to Missouri for a board meeting at St. Paul. He came home on Saturday and slept from 4 in the afternoon until almost 8:30, then got up for food and medicine. He stayed up until […]

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Good enough

November 11, 2018



I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I’d hoped. I brought a bunch of stuff home to work on and did ….80% of it between t.v. shows and dorking around. This week I have conferences and meetings and a breakfast for the families and some other stuff, so I know that Future Lauren […]

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Blue blast from the past

November 10, 2018



My kids are interested in phones, so I brought a bunch of old cell phones from home to play with. Some are quite old, but the blue one is the one I used before my current one. On Friday I realized my current charger would fit it, so I juiced it up. It still has […]

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