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A fair amount of chili.

March 17, 2018



The first Lenten meal was a taco night, hosted by youth raising funds for a trip, and they had too much meat. Sam and Rachel offered it for our dinner, and I gladly accepted. It could be turned into chili for our Potato Bake. I vastly underestimated how much meat there was. Combined with four […]

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March 15, 2018



Lloyd’s uncle’s family has apparently been cooking up a bunch of cabbage recipes at their home. They posted some photos on Facebook and I nabbed this one. I liked the lighting. Was it Vermeer that did the paintings with cool lighting? I watched a documentary on that once but I don’t remember the details. Anyway, […]

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Baba Yetu

March 14, 2018


Lloyd plays video games fairly often, and years ago he was playing Civ IV, a game where you build your civilization by blah blah blah blah I don’t know. The theme song for it was so dang catchy, though, I didn’t mind it when it played. Earlier this week he played another version of it […]

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March 14, 2018


Some things came up later last night and I was busy working on them and didn’t get around to making a post. Catch up with you later!

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Bird Cam: up

March 12, 2018



Well, the camera is up! We’ll just have to wait many, many weeks for baby birds. The momma stopped by once today, so that’s encouraging. Before: After: Let’s hear it for Command hooks and for Lloyd buying the right size of extension cord. If I had purchased it, it would have been less than half […]

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Bird Cam

March 11, 2018



My parents reminded me that this is when the Decorah eagles are laying their eggs! I have the no-ad live stream playing in my classroom, and on Friday I set up two computers in the commons so the other classes can check in, too. One computer has the live stream, the other is running a […]

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