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July 19, 2017

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Emme didn’t poop or anything, I don’t have anything useful to say today, so we’re going with a cat pic.

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I never said he was graceful.

July 18, 2017



… and now I can say he is clumsy and disgusting.

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Don’t take it serious….

July 17, 2017



The school and CDC boards had a get-together this evening for our new director, and we were asked to bring beverages to share and/or an appetizer. I brought some beers and, since I don’t cook well, …. It’s funny, yes?

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Soooooooo hot…..

July 16, 2017



There was an auction in Lincoln today. We went after church, despite the 95 degree heat, and I have to tell you: I do not like to sweat. I don’t like regular sweat, but this was the first time that sweat dripped in my eyes, which 1) stings like crazy and 2) proves that I […]

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Moisture management and flies

July 15, 2017

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After sleeping in (grasping at the last straws of vacation), we went to Lincoln to run some errands. Our house smells weird, no doubt due to the humid weather and leaky roof, and our dehumidifier doesn’t work anymore. We bought a new one and it is working just fine. I also contacted a company about […]

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Yay, shelves.

July 14, 2017



Of course, this is another little project with no ‘before’ photo, but just imagine these photos exactly the same, but with no shelves and all the stuff piled in the middle on the ground. When I reworked the janitor’s closet, the old shelves went down to the basement storeroom. Well, the outdoor storage closet has […]

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