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Sundays with Samith

October 4, 2015



Samith brings Brighton into Seward on Sunday evenings to play basketball at Concordia’s youth basketball program (there’s some other name for the program, but, yeah). While Brighton is basketballing it up, Samith has been coming over to our house for what we have affectionately been calling, Sundays with Samith™. We mostly just sit around, eat […]

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July 31, 2015



Lauren got me an early birthday present. It came in the mail today. Here’s the before picture: The during picture: And the after picture: I tried putting my keys in a number of different ways and in different combinations. Lauren had a USB drive that fit very well, but I ultimately took it out in […]

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Thanks, Uncle Rich!

July 13, 2015



While we were at Lauren’s family reunion in Branson, Uncle Rich showed me an iPhone app that I had on my phone, but had never messed with before. It’s called Health, or something like that, and I don’t know what all it can do, but it does turn your phone into a pedometer (sp?).  It […]

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A post only a mother could love.

May 27, 2015



Speaking of mothers, it was my mom’s birthday yesterday.  It was also my dad’s birthday three days before that, but he doesn’t believe in the internet, and doesn’t want Al Gore to know when his birthday is, so we won’t mention that. Lauren said that I had to write a post, but what she doesn’t know […]

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Better Butter… wait, I already used that title.

January 26, 2015



A couple of weeks ago, the ‘lid’ to my ‘new’ butter system slipped out of my hand and chipped. Surprise, surprise. What did I expect from buttery glass? I spent a good long time thinking about how to replace it. At various stores, I looked at containers for holding pencils, toothbrushes, sewing goods, fishing tackle […]

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Sew Sew

January 22, 2015



The school-age coordinator at the CDC is incredible. She is in charge of the before-and-after school program, as well as the school-age summer program, plus she helps out in all the classrooms throughout the school day. She genuinely loves those big kids, and always has great activities available for them to do. One of my […]

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