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Light Log Stardate 92351.67 (Supplemental)

September 30, 2014



Last week we had 5 major lighting technologies represented in our house: incandescent, florescent, halogen, compact florescent and fire. Today I’m proud to announce the addition of LED lighting. I tricked Lauren into doing most of the shopping on Sunday by standing in front of the light bulb display and pretending to carefully read labels. […]

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It’s not white… it’s pearl!

July 22, 2014



14 years of waiting is finally over. I bought a used Prius yesterday. I also bought Lauren a tablecloth. 13 years ago I was deciding between buying a $24,000 Prius and a $14,000 Civic. The Honda won and has served in good stead for well over a decade. We purchased it the weekend after 9/11 because […]

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Experimenting with a cooler

June 23, 2014



Ever since we killed the little refrigerator in the basement, we haven’t had a place to put drinks to keep cold. It is absolutely not a problem since I am exclusively drinking Tang and instant coffee, but since people are coming over, I thought it might be nice to offer them a beverage that didn’t […]

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March 26, 2014


Tadaa SLR

I’ve got an app that tells me when there are cool free apps. I showed this one to Lauren today, but she’s still making me write the post about it. The app is called Tadaa SLR. It lets you take a picture that you already have and pretend like you’re a good photographer with a […]

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Moo cards!! Squeeeee!!!

February 10, 2014



I am a horrible human being, because Lloyd is not feeling better and is passed out on the sofa after loading up on Nyquil, and I am positively radiant because my Moo cards are here! My Moo cards are here!! Ok, let me explain: is a company that makes notecards, business cards, and these […]

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Super Slow-Mo

November 11, 2013


My favorite feature of my new iPhone is the slow motion camera. But I’m not very good at using it. I try slow motioning things all the time, but they never turn out quite like what I expect. Until now. Last week was Macy’s birthday, and I was ready. I was ready mostly because the […]

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