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There was a bug.

September 4, 2015



I couldn’t find the cats Friday morning. They were downstairs. There was a bug. Emme wants to know if you see it. And if you would get it. Please and thank you.

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Er, sorry, Lloyd.

September 9, 2014



A post in bullet points: * Backstory – When we got rid of cable/satellite, I bought a t.v. antennae that lets us get five useless channels. The place it gets the best reception is hanging in the window. The screen is moved to the top of the window to keep most of the bugs out. […]

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New and Improved Cats: Friendlier, and with better aim!

August 30, 2014



One thing that was different about Cricket and Pfennig was that they came to us as single cats. We had Cricket for a year and she bonded with me, then Pfennig came along and Cricket’s disdain of her made her love me all the more. There was much clinginess and head-bumping from them both, because […]

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Cat carrier 2.0

July 27, 2014



On Saturday Lloyd’s school was having a garage sale. When Rachel and I met up with the boys, we took a look around. I bought a new cat carrier!! It’s pretty snazzy. It’s a Martha Steward Pets carrier, so you know she made it herself. It has some pretty cool features: a pocket on the […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2014


In honor of all the ‘popping’ that will occur tonight, let me leave you with a little video that you’ve already seen – this time, with sound! Happy Birthday, America!

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Candle tail cat

May 25, 2014



I win for ‘most boring videos’. Since Ralph was little, he has had the talent of keeping a straight tail as he sleeps, with a little help. It is a talent that is completely and utterly useless, as the following two-and-a-half minutes documents. When I was a kid, I used to lie down and hold […]

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