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Adjective pizza

March 22, 2017

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Lloyd was in Missouri this weekend and I was doing school stuff, so nobody bothered to get groceries for the week’s dinners. We’re digging through the dregs of the freezer. Lloyd made pizza but said, “Don’t get your hopes up. It’s not fancy like Totino’s Party Pizza.” Yep. You can tell by the lack of […]

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Well, we had a cryer.

March 20, 2017



After chapel, we gathered around the mysterious container with the note from the leprechaun. I opened the envelope and read the contents, “Thank you for the neighborhood! My family and I love it! We invited all our friends to live..” Cue uncontrollable sobbing. Poor kid. I let him come up and peek inside the container […]

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The one where Lauren tries Sculpy

March 19, 2017



I had to get some things done at school on Sunday. I baked that dumb cake to pay for the neighborhood, worked on some paperwork, then got a couple of panels on the walls. Then, I messed around. For St. Patrick’s Day, Melanie – our school-age program coordinator – turned a hole on one of […]

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That update I talked about? Well….

March 18, 2017



I forgot my iPad on Friday, so no photos of the Leprechaun activities. I made a new tradition in that the leprechaun brought us nothing. Nothing. Nope, the footprints were enough for us. I had them write in their journals how they thought he got inside, then told them repeatedly that if he was in […]

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Leprechaun Update to Follow

March 17, 2017


I started Parent-Teacher Conferences last night, then did the dumb footprints, then walked home because I forgot Lloyd had a dance. I ate, then tried to find something clean to wear to tonight’s Gala. I’ll catch you up later.

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Ralph vs. the Kleenex Box

March 14, 2017

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Ralph yells and insists that Lloyd scratches him before he gets into bed. Lately he has also been trying to jam his body into a Kleenex box during the scratching session because – as cat logic dictates – when your head is in the box, you are ‘all the way in’. One evening he managed […]

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