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Well, it’s different.

January 17, 2019



Whaddaya know – I made something a second time. This time I brought my digital thermometer back from school and actually used it. Well, sort of used it. The last time I checked the actual temperature, the caramel was at 258 or something, and then some time passed before I poured it. I boiled the […]

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January 17, 2019

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I forgot to write a post last night. No good reason for it – I ate, did a little work, watched t.v. and folded laundry then went to bed. I realized it when I was almost asleep and then let it go. Oh, well – nothing much happened yesterday anyway. It’s supposed to snow on […]

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Apple Cider Caramels, Batch One

January 15, 2019



Have I talked about my candy store on this website before? I want to learn how to make candy, but I know I won’t be any good at it. Plus, I don’t have any time for it. My store will be called Terrible Candy. I won’t be open very often and I will have an […]

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A new old friend and the next phase of cat feeding

January 14, 2019



Brady, who has commented on this site, has been in Seward the past couple of days visiting Concordia and checking on some work done at the Center for Liturgical Arts. We met him in real life and had dinner with him Sunday and Monday, and learned that he is a very cool dude! Brad, you […]

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You ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan

January 13, 2019



This has been Lloyd’s spot for the past month as he recovers from his cold. I especially like when he sits like this, just like Lieutenant Dan.

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January 12, 2019



I saw a commercial for an app that lets you see what you’d look like with different colored hair. I downloaded a free one just for fun. I could only try the colors that were free since all the extra ones cost money. No matter – I think I like the purple best! We went […]

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