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Singing bowl

April 12, 2018



I had an anonymous donation for my classroom and spent a bit of it on a singing bowl. They are crazy cool! I look forward to annoying the children with it. 🙂 This was hard to film because I’m lazy. It sounds cooler in person: 54527594981__8C7F5C0D-7DEB-433E-AB86-07679E51214A

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Heart attack crackers

April 11, 2018



One of my boys brought a cold lunch, and as he started to eat his crackers, I was transfixed with terror. For someone who has a deep, deep fear of bedbugs, I could not look away. Why? Why, cracker makers?

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Exercise Plan

April 10, 2018



The Fast Mart gas station in town has a brand-new building that was built behind the old one. They tore down the old structure so they could bury the gas tanks there. It’s quite the hubbub in Seward. Lloyd is thrilled because they have an Icee machine. So, I predict that several times a week […]

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Ain’t they cute?

April 9, 2018



I had a meeting after work and nothing exciting happened after that except eating dinner and vegging for a while. Here’s a photo of Ralph and Lloyd napping on Saturday. Who could resist?

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Good-byes, work and cats

April 8, 2018

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Sunday was the last day for one of our pastors. He has taken a call to Minnesota and will be very, very missed. The church service was sweet and there was a good-bye reception in the afternoon that was funny and touching. Dang it. Why do things have to change? Before and after that, Lloyd […]

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Art Installment, part three

April 7, 2018



So, maybe I can’t make art like my friends, but I sure can mount it on stuff from Hobby Lobby. At the Lincoln Lutheran gala I saw a painting of Jesus holding a baby and loved it! I had several glasses of wine and told Lloyd to bid all our money on it. Now it […]

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