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I know that most of you know most of this, but you might not have thought about all of it, so I’m going to write a lot. Sorry.

What we’re up against:

I’m putting this on a webpage, because typing in the chat window is very tedious. If you’ve read it, could you please say so in the comments, so that I don’t bother you about it anymore. We can discuss it here in the comments or in the chat room in the game.

The Aztecs have a large attack force. I added up how much they can put in the 3 Melee, 4 Mobile, 4 Ranged and 2 Water slots, and it comes to 1950 attack value (on normal, nearly 4000 on Heroic). There are a few assumptions here:

  • That they are organized enough to use their best attack force.
  • That they get a few new techs before the battle
  • That they don’t build too much more in the way of attack units.

I know not all of those assumptions will be true, but they should cancel each other out well enough.

The Plan:

We each need to concentrate on one thing each in order for 6 people to defend against a Civilization of 20 people. But we’re lucky, because defending units are cheaper than attacking units and we are much better organized. We are only building Phalanx and archers/longbows because they cost less for each defense point than horsemen and galleons. Here are the numbers:

  • phalanx: 15 production for each defense point
  • longbows: 13 production for each defense point (archers will upgrade into longbows automatically)
  • horsemen: 25 production for each defense point
  • galleon: 25 production for each defense point

Everything else is worse for defense, so I didn’t include them. As you can see, Phalanx and Longbows are the most effective way to defend our nation. After that I just divided us up based on what we already have:

  • Phalanx: Marco (28 already) Lloyd (5 already) Madlen (5 already) . Build: 70 Cost: 5000 
  • Longbows: Rick (5 already) Anne (1 already) and Javoslav Build: 90 Cost: 4500

I put myself in Phalanx because if the weather changes in the battle it might be better to have my 125 Legions in than 70 Phalanx.

What about the other slots?

Put whatever you want in them, but do not build anything for them. All we have to do is make sure that we have a single unit in each of them so that we do not get flanked.

Can we do it?

Here are some ways to make this doable:

Weddings: When you have a wedding, check to see who will give you the most production. Right now Jaroslav weddings are worth 1400 production. Make sure you find the right worker to get that much. Try to keep people updated about who has the best house to marry. This will also give Jaroslav A LOT of production. If anyone falls short, he can make it up in archers.

Don’t get greedy: Don’t sell any production unless you can sell it for more than it costs to buy one of your units on the market. For an archer/longbow that means if you can buy two of them for the cost of 100 production, you should buy them (even if you have to sell production to do so. For Phalanx if you can buy one for 75% of the cost of 100 production you should buy them.

Change your houses: If you can easily change some of your houses to production, do so. BUT if you have to build another sawmill or forge or town square to do so, you will probably not make up the difference in 24 hours. Example: if you make a 20 production house, but have to build a 800 production ginormous forge to do so, you will actually have lost 320 production (if we had two days this would be different, but we do not).

Sell unused orchards/gardens/cows/corn: You get 100% of these buildings back when you recycle them.

Sell food: When food is worth more than production, sell food and buy production (or buy your units directly if they are cheap). This will also serve to keep the price of production high. That way the Aztecs can’t buy any cheap production.

Wonders: create Call to Arms whenever it is available (note that it only effects units that are already in the battle, so it will be better to create your troops as you go along instead of waiting until the end. This is not usually what I recommend, but it can really increase our defense). Create Secret Weapon so that the Aztecs can not create it. Make sure that we have Pyramids of Egypt before you harvest.

Roads: make sure that you have roads built under your forests, stone and iron that you are harvesting from. But don’t build long roads that will take more than 24 hours to pay for themselves.

Work as a team: This is an advanced technique. The Interior minister gifts Harvests to other players. If we plan ahead this can be very useful. DON’T build anything ginormous unless you have 20+ harvests to give. I know you’re giving up a fame point, but if we do this right we can have 60 extra harvests. And each harvest is worth 540 production for our civ.

The end

I can’t believe you read that whole thing. Could you leave a comment so that I know who has seen this? Any questions or additions are, of course, also welcome.

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  1. Jaro Said on:

    plz change me to phalanx, if needed i can do both. For this a nee some dowry


  2. Jaro Said on:

    70 phalanx finisched (9 in 62 in BG)


  3. Jaro Said on:

    we need more than 100 units per person


  4. Jaro Said on:

    100 Phalanx finished. Should i start longbow produktion ?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yeah, we might need some help and there’s an extra slot. For those of you seeing this from the comments (and not from the link), this is the latest game I’ve been wasting time on (as you can tell from this long document).

      It’s a facebook game. It’s still in beta testing, but it is an open beta, so you can play if you want.


  5. annem Said on:

    I just got 1500 from Jaroslav. Thanks for this help.


  6. Jaro Said on:

    Spain has more power as Aztec! Maybe Spain win!


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