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A small snag

March 3, 2009


A small snag

Rachel, I didn’t forget about the pans I promised. I just can’t seem to find the time to get them to the post office when it’s open. Plus…… I don’t know if I can get them away from a certain you-know-who. Is anybody else surprised that it’s not Friday yet? It should really be Friday. […]

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A good day.

February 17, 2009


It was a very nice day all around. The preschoolers were incredibly busy and productive during the morning, and right before lunchtime, we had a little surprise! Some singers from Lincoln Lutheran stopped by to deliver a singing telegram to them (and some candy for me) from Lloyd, which stunned and amazed the children. They […]

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Not so bad

April 29, 2007


We’ve been experimenting with food left and right lately.   I finally got to use the Baker’s Edge pan for a roast, and I wish I could say it all turned out perfectly.  This was my first experience cooking pork tenderloin, and I wasn’t thinking that it would take less time than a regular piece of […]

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‘M’ is for Lasagna

April 4, 2007


After each having a pretty bad day, Lloyd and I pigged out on lasagna made in the ultra-cool Baker’s Edge pan.  The noodles fit just right – after snapping off about two inches from each end.  This recipe uses the ‘no-boil-um-first’ method, which didn’t work well the first time I made it back in ought-one.  […]

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