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Phase 2 and 3

November 30, 2012



Well, the general consensus was that I looked more likely to start a bar fight at phase 2: The consensus for phase 3 wasn’t entirely expected: Bob and Sean had chapel on Friday. They had a great trip out to New Jersey over Thanksgiving break, delivering donations totaling $17,000 worth of food, toiletries, clothing, services […]

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Chester A. Arthur: Biker

November 25, 2012


beard banner

It’s like I lost a bet with a hurricane. Actually, it’s like I lost a bet to middle school students. No, it’s more like I lost a bet with Mr. Krall. Mr. Krall and Mr. Weiting put together a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. As the middle schoolers raised more and more money, the teachers […]

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Behold – “The Grape”

August 19, 2008


There’s a big ol’ purple van sitting in our driveway tonight.  No, we didn’t win the lottery – Lloyd is going to be the school shuttle driver on Wednesdays.  It’s very exciting. I hope the kids will recognize him.  He’s shaved down from the full beard to just a goatee.  I like it, but it […]

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Taxes – Check!

April 9, 2007


They’re done, with only days to spare.  Way to go, Lloyd!  I have no picture of it actually taking place, but Lloyd said, “Just use any ol’ picture of me sitting at the computer.”  Ok, how ’bout a montage? That’s all.   Safe travels to Amsterdam, Brad.  Don’t die, and don’t have any fun, either.  

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A rebuttal to Brad’s hair posts

October 19, 2006


I hope that’s how you spell rebuttal.  Anyway, Lloyd got a haircut on Friday, and I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.  So, I give you this:

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