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I forgot the socks.

December 17, 2008


I had some very nice moments* on my birthday – the highlight was a hilarious pair of socks that Kate got me….. that I left at school.  They said “Reduce, Reuse, Regift”.  PERFECT for me!  I’m so sorry I forgot them. So, you have to look at a thermos again.  I’m in the habit of […]

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I am such a sheep.

September 5, 2008


All ’round the foodie sites they’ve been raving about cold-brewed coffee concentrate.  It’s supposed to have better flavor – not as acidic, more ‘chocolate notes’, and other things that my terrible palate can’t identify.  It does, however, have gadgety-ness attached to it, and I’m all for that! You can buy a special giant filter for […]

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Move over, Starbucks.

December 11, 2007


I felt productive tonight. Dinner, laundry (seems like I’m always doing laundry), cleaned the upstairs, took out the trash, unwrapped the sheet from the truck (which was much harder than taking the one off the car), made cookie dough (thanks to Peggy’s influence), and also some hot chocolate. Lloyd didn’t have school today, and he […]

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Floating away

December 8, 2007


Good grief. All day we’ve just been drinking and drinking and drinking – coffee, regular tea, Tang tea, orange juice, repeat as needed. If a gallon of water weighs eight pounds, I think I’ve gained sixteen pounds. I’ve got the stuffy head and Lloyd has the cough. Together we’re an unbeatable team. Good night.

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A Lovely Lunch

July 14, 2007


Brad’s parents invited us to go to a local vineyard (James Arthur) for a wine tasting.  It was fantastic!  We each got to sample six different wines, and Mrs. Royuk ordered some yummy baskets of breads, cheeses and meats.  We ate outside under the coolest gazebo I’ve ever seen in my life (which has sparked […]

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Right on schedule

April 5, 2007


Yes, we are both out of school tomorrow!  The weekend was fraught with promise!  Would we have a zany adventure where we went to the airport with just a backpack of clean clothes and pick a random destination?  Would we go on a crazy window-shopping spree?  Or maybe just drive around Nebraska and take pictures of […]

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