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There and back again

March 18, 2015



We had a whirl wind trip down to Concordia Missouri last weekend and Lauren only let me go if I promised to make a post about it. My high school choir director is retiring at the end of the school year and the last home concert of the Singing Saints under the direction of Bill […]

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A Little History

July 28, 2013



I was looking through some old photos last week and, because Brad needed it for other things, I happened to have the scanner setup. Since Lauren went to bed early tonight, let me share with you the results of the Concordia Teacher’s College A Cappella Choir 1990 Choir 1 vs. Choir 2 drink off: Unfortunately, […]

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Now in 3D

September 12, 2012



I saw this at the church where the Lutheran Choir of Lincoln practices (note that this is not its name; it is actually called the Lincoln Lutheran Choir, but people get that confused with the Lincoln Lutheran High School Choir, which is not the name of the high school choir; it is actually the Lincoln […]

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Variation on a Theme

November 14, 2009


Variation on a Theme

Keeping with our -oh so recent- music theme, I went to Lincoln Lutheran’s Fall Sampler concert earlier this week. This is a fun concert to go to, because all of the bands and choirs just do a couple of numbers, so you hear everyone in about an hour. An hour is about my attention span […]

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Choir & Kitchens

November 22, 2008


Choir & Kitchens

There he goes.  Off to sing his little heart out with Brad & Beth’s mom and Stephannie’s brother.  (Yes, his tuxedo is all in the suit bag.) The Lincoln Lutheran Choir had their first concert of the weekend in Council Bluffs, Iowa tonight, and it was wonderful!  They sang Thanksgiving-type songs, and sang all of […]

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