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I shall call them ‘sleeves’.

February 3, 2009


Why, oh why, do I wait until the bitter end of the day to make a post?  My last shreds of consciousness long to go to couch bed, but there’s still this final task to complete.  Tonight is even worse because I forgot my camera at school, so I have to dig through old ‘possible […]

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January 29, 2009


I have three pairs of ‘good’ jeans.  (I don’t count my painting jeans or fleecy jeans as ‘good’, just ‘useful’.)  They are all the same brand, same style, but bought at different times.  One pair is getting old , one pair is so-so, and one pair is way too short, but works when I’m just […]

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Did he think I wouldn’t notice?

January 14, 2009


Seriously, Lloyd.  What’s going on here?

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A blast from the past

March 20, 2008


Happy Birthday, Keren! Keren is my sister who lives in Alaska. She is an art professor who works mainly in textiles. I have one of her early pieces, knitted for me when I was still in high school. This won’t make sense to many of you, but allow me this self-indulgent walk through memory lane. […]

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Ties and fun

November 30, 2007


First of all, safe and happy travels to Deanne and family! I hope you have a grand time in Thailand. Fortunately for us, we have our own Thailand in Lloyd’s closet. In other news, Lloyd had his party last night. Middle School Fun Night! I stopped in at the beginning and it looked like everyone […]

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Buns of Steel

October 3, 2007


Lloyd has a story to tell, but he’s working on stuff for school and he asked me to tell it.  Apparently, during one of his computer classes he walked past the eraser tray of the whiteboard and caught his pants.  All twelve boys heard them tear, and he said, “Well, looks like I ripped my […]

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