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Tea for two (erm, one)

October 10, 2016



Lauren said, and I quote, ” You have to write the post tomorrow. No tag backs.” Late last week, one of our sixth grade teachers –sixth graders are our youngest students– was anxiously hanging out by that new fangled coffee maker that you put one tiny cup of coffee in, and out comes a full […]

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It’s Lauren’s fault

October 10, 2015



Lauren said it Friday night. Deborah was here and heard her say it. Deborah’s response was quick and too the point, “Bite your tongue.” Meanwhile, I, confused and taken aback said, “That’s a hell of a thing.” The thing is, I’m not really sure that Lauren can even pick the baseball out of the pictures below. […]

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The Old Ball Game

June 5, 2011


The Old Ball Game

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. While the Cardinals have been playing well enough to be in first place in their division, I have been a little disappointed in some individual performances thus far in the season. So we went down to St. Louis over the weekend. There were some […]

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